imageThis past few days I had the opportunity to attend and participate as speaker in the Social Good Summit 2015. This year is particularly special, since the United Nations launched the Sustainable Development Goals #2030NOW, that will replace the Millenium Development Goals presented in 2000.

The seventeen Sustainable Development Goals are different from the #MDG in many ways. First, the #SDGs are an universal agenda that includes the voices both developed and developing countries, there is principle of leave no one behind. Second, the #SDGs recognize than in order to achieve them is necessary to work together, which offers spaces not only for governments but for civil society and private sector. Third, the #SDGs include 17 achievable goals, they are not just promises than seem far away, they actually are well thought and realistic goals that require commitment, investment and efforts.


I’m not saying that the #SDGs are easy to achieve, but is not impossible, even for the developing countries. However, these countries, like my beloved Colombia, need to fight corruption in order to improve accountability and governance, and that’s only possible when governments open spaces for the participation of citizens, when they see in the civil society allies instead of enemies or detractors and create paths to walk together.

The #SDGs are the promise of a better future in a world than is in need of hope, that is dealing with wars, hungers, forced displacement and indifference. The #SDGs are an opportunity to make things right and a achieve the “globalization of development”… We all can make them happen, the door is open, will you step in?



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