Seven out of ten search engine results for “Moldovan women” lead to online dating sites. Two search results redirected me to informative web sites about trafficking in human beings. Both results did not surprise me, although saddened, as usual. You cannot escape reality. Although perhaps you could  track connection between “online dating sites” and “trafficking”, my post is about the later.

More than six years ago I met Mimi Chakarova during her first visit to investigate and tell the story of human trafficking in Moldova.
Her work transformed throughout years and today, her documentary, “Price of Sex” about sex trafficking in Eastern Europe is screened all over the world and getting acclaimed internationally. Most importantly the phenomenon is getting visibility and more and more people are learning about the human face of sex trafficking.

I am very proud of being part of this “more than life project”. Great news is that the U.S. State Department will be using the film as a training tool in embassies throughout the world.  Check it out and find a screening near you!

• Toronto Premiere — Toronto International Film Festival and the Human Rights Watch Film Festival — March 6th
• One World Film Festival — Prague, Czech Republic, March 6-15
• U.S. Television Premiere: The Documentary Channel, Saturday, March 10 at 8 PM
• MIT, Boston, MA: March 21
• UK Premiere: Human Rights Watch Film Festival, London, March 23-25
• Bay Area, University of San Francisco, March 29 at 2:30 PM

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