In a recent workshop at the Firm, I learned that the power to dissent and mentorship were two key values that governed a successful and enriching professional life. In brief, the power to dissent does not just mean dissent in order to agitate. But to have the capacity to discern when something does not look and feel right, and the confidence, to speak up for what is right. It is knowing that we all have the prerogative to stand up for ourselves and voicing when we feel wrong has been done. Oftentimes, even if we are the only voices dissenting against the wrong. On a different stream, the power of mentorship is equally pivotal in a successful life. I have personally found the latter to be a constant factor in my career. The access to great mentorship often leads us to avoid many of the pitfalls strewn along a career trajectory. Additionally, possessing great mentors also ensures a constant stream of guidance and opportunity to engage in dialogue with others concerning key career issues. However, not only must we always be on the look out for mentors but always place ourselves in a position to mentor others as well. Be open to mentoring others when they reach out for guidance. Great mentorship is a two way street, we tend to learn from each other in equal measures.

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