The Thanksgiving season is here. Many times we practice a knee jerking kind of gratitude, the type where we say thank you only when things go right, our way, or when someone gives us something. We rarely think about how blessed we are to have woken up, or even move our fingers when we ask them to, because our focus is on that which we don’t have. One of the key virtues of success, important for leaders to have, is gratitude. Developing the ability recognize that giving thanks is empowering, for us and those around us. An example; we may not like our jobs sometimes, but, we can be grateful that we are not jobless and that we are working in teams to help us. We may not have all the riches we want, but, we can afford a roof over our heads, food and clothing. True gratitude is being able to recognize that everything is connected and we have to give thanks, especially in situations where it’s easy to complain and not recognize the good. What am I grateful for this year, 2018:
• Free coaching for a year
• Friends from all over the world- cross culture learning. Great American friends. Zambian friends in America- home away from home.
• Exposure to the American work culture.
• Free time to discover more about myself, think and define my next steps clearly.
• Safety and general well-being of my family
• Access to many learning resources: events, museums, the unlimited internet.
• Life and so much more.
Gratitude is the frequency of abundance. Happy thanksgiving.