Last Saturday, there was ‘Remember 727, 8th Annual Armistice day Peace Concert and Vigil’ at Lincoln Memorial Reflecting pool. The Korean War was occurred mainly due to ideology conflicts between Democracy and Communism. United Nations Force including 21 countries fought for South Korea and 2 countries supported for North Korea. More than 500,000 soldiers died and 1.3 million ones wounded. My father was 4 year old boy during the war. He was urged to evacuate with his family members from Seoul to Busan. When I visited Arlington Cemetery the other day, I was able to see lots of gravestones that tell you how many young Americans entered in Korean war and died in their early 20s. They defended a country never knew and people never met.

727 armistice peace concert3

727 armistice peace concert4

Actually it is hard for my generation to feel this tragedy. We just learned it in  history class at schools and read books and newspaper.  If you visit Seoul, the capital of South Korea, these days, it would be impossible to imagine how it looked like 65 years ago. Literally, there was nothing at that time. GDP per Capita was about $2,850, one tenth of current amount. Approximately 2.5 billion of civilians were killed and wounded. Still Korean peninsula is under armistice. Nobody knows when the second Korean War might happen. All South Korean men have to take mandatory military service for 2 years. Public and private communications are strictly forbidden between two sides.

65 years later, the secretary of United Nations is South Korean, Mr. Ban Gi Moon. I think this is one of good examples of fruitful and powerful results of global support. We used to be a beneficiary but now became a donor and giver. With huge sacrifice and support from the global society, my country was able to stand up, develop and ranked 13th in the world in terms of gross domestic product. It’s very clear for me what I need to do in the future. It’s time to return what we have earned and share with others as exactly same as what global society did help us in the past.

727 armistice peace concert2 with hyunshin

Here I want to show our deep gratitude to those countries who fought for the small country in North East Asia 65 year ago. We never forget what you’ve done for us.

USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Netherlands, France, New Zealand, Philippines, South Africa, Turkey, Thailand, Greece, Belgium, Luxembourg, Ethiopia, Columbia, Denmark, India, Italy, Norway, Sweden.


Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, El Salvador, Iceland, Israel, Lebanon, Liberia, Mexico, Nicaragua, Pakistan, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Venezuela.


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