For 13 years, I have been championing the fight against the abuse and exploitation of children in Canada and globally, and have learned through my experience w/ some of the most marginalized children, that education is our most powerful preventative weapon.  It is cross-cutting, leading to eco growth and the eradication of poverty; improving health and gender equality; and promoting inclusion and social cohesion; participatory citizenship and leadership; and sustainable peace. Yet, 58 M children of primary school age and 69 M children of secondary school age are out of school, and 130 M cannot read/write a single sentence after four years in school.

I would change the state of global education, so that all children-focusing on the most marginalized ie. working children, poor girls, indigenous children, youth in disadvantaged areas or on the street etc.–have access to equitable, relevant, and quality learning that includes early childhood care and education, primary, and secondary education, and technical and vocational education and training, characterized by measurable learning outcomes, well-planned curricula, well-trained teachers, and safe learning environments.

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