It was sophisticated evening and stage was set for the 5th Nexus Summit at The Time Center in the middle of concrete jungle New York City. It was complicated to figure out how to attend the opening reception, not because we didn’t know our social issues or not ready to engage with hundreds of other social innovators, but to mind some other details. For example: Finding correct metro rail and going in right direction, wear appropriate attire, take stack of business cards and most important rehearse elevator picture. By the way New York is perfect city to practice elevator pitch, because of its very tall towers.

Finally with the help of google map and satellite fellows, I reached at the venue without getting lost. Every bit of the evening was so involving and full of energy and I was sure from the first impression of Nexus reception that this is going to be my best conference of the year and Nexus and amazing Atlas Corps delegation made this possible.


Atlas Corps Delegation at The Nexus Summit

Next couple of days, we spent at UN Head Quarter, everyone including me has to make sure many things, a.) Assignment as room ambassador b.) Friend raise, c.) How can I help attitude and of course wearing Atlas Corps pin and taking Atlas Corp picture / selfie and tagging everyone was part of to do list. Believe me all of that was not easy, especially before a cup of morning coffee but inspiration led to meaningful involvement.

Nexus is certainly not the place where interesting conversation was saved for hallways; every speaker brought unique perspective and strong commitment, which brought energy in discussion. One more reason to be inspired was that, each member of Atlas Corps delegation made a powerful introduction of him / her and the organization, that I came across this sentence at least scores of the times from many people “Really you are also Atlas Corps Fellow. Oh yes you Atlas Corps Fellows are amazing”.

The overall experience was so unique but best part of the summit was; Meditation session with Deepak Chopra, Leading break out session as room ambassadors, Meeting with new people, Sharing your stories, Finding people with similar passion for future collaboration, Taking a lot of pictures and participating in impactful closing brunch. Nexus Summit is actually an excuse to create network of young global leaders, social innovators and more important, it is Nexus from me to we concept. Involve, inspire, collaborate, lead and make this world better place for all of us.


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