Since I decided to jump into this new life experience that I call FELLOWSHIP, it has turn in a really challenging stage of my life.

Going over through this stage I learned how applied, not a new concept, but a realistic definition how mentorship had been making the most deep impact in the way that my life had shape me, as a human being, woman, global citizen and professional.

And being over through a celebration of the word Thanksgiving, I think that Acknowledging all those amazing and outrageous human beings that had been influences me as mentors, is a way to give back all the great gifts and talents I had been gaining because of them. So, let me get in detail how mentorship had offer a series of gifts that I am thankful for it;

1. Thanks for see in me that potential that , in some moments, I was not been able to recognize them for myself.
2. Thanks for teaching me that respect , compassion and acceptancing  are the most powerful weapon to get close to the people that you are trying to influences day by day.
3. Thanks for show the being humble is a the greatest value to show your greatness as human being.
4. Thanks for teach me how assertive is the best tool of advocacy to stand up for what do you think is right.
5. Finally, thanks for taught me through your actions all the gifts  that I mentioned above.

A mentor is someone with the ability and the experience to inspire, motivate and move you towards rough and though moments to make decision that will define your life story. And this is only can be achieve building a open and trustful relationship.

I just want to closing up dedicating this blog to the amazing human being that had been working and supporting me as mentor in my fellowship journey Mr. Sebastian Villareal. Thanks for your patient, empathy and continuous reminder of our mission as America Solidaria US.  Gracias TOTALES.


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