I was ashamed today when I listened to some testimonies of people witnessed a real slavery in 21st century in Libya.

This absolutely not acceptable and we should all stand up together against this brutality. It never was about the conventions, laws or religion. It’s at the end about the Human being. It’s almost impossible to expect the awkwardness inside us. We have to urge the international society for a quick solution to end it up. What happened in Libya is happening for us everyday. However, Slavery is not just enchaining a human being and making him a slave just because they want to make profit from them. slavery doesn’t have one meaning nowadays.

The slavery has different ugly faces today. We are slaves of the system that prevent us from thinking out of the box. We are slaves of the globalization. We are slaves of materials. The only thing that make us happy today is money.

We are slaves of our phones. 99% owns a phone or two to stay “connected”. We are slaves of our health care systems. and the Health Insurace companies.

We are slaves of our educational system, system that creates only robots without brains and generations not able to think.

We are slaves of what others think about us. We are afraid of being described as OUT OF CONTROL  just because we don’t want to do the same things that everyone is doing. And not following the same life agenda of our community.

We buy things that we don’t need. Our trash is full wasted food . Of furnitures that we don’t want anymore. We are just doing what anyone else is doing for no reason.

We are worried about how we look and how we dress and how we speak, how we eat and how we think. just to make others happy but did we ever thought about ourselves happiness?

We just let others shapes our way of thinking and we let them in to our minds just to guide us like a sheep.

We are slaves of our Traditions, we never had the courage to criticize our traditions including wrong behaviors in our societies. Does anyone had the courage to say NO when you see things against your believes or your religion.

I will tell you a news, we can’t say NO, otherwise we will be fought, destroyed and accused of being ignorants and not civilized. Just because you said NO to their stigma. That’s what you get when you work hard and alone to break a stereotype a facing the mainstream.

I am sorry I am not civilized or rebellion or whatever they want you to call me but you know what I am happy. I had enough of consuming useless information, I just want to produce and to make my own person.

We are slaves of the YES word. we can’t say No for anything because we are worried to lose our jobs or to lose our friends or to lose our position among the elite. Well, actually you already lost your conscience.

We are selling our principals and values for those who pays more. We are all slaves of the modernization.

It seems like the slavey never left us. Slavery is a manner and a way of thinking. We are all stripped of our freedom and we are all slaves of something.

Are we really free? let’s think again… it seems at the end that we are all complice of what’s happening in Libya and everywhere by saying nothing, by accepting the rules of the new world. we are partners in this crime against Humanity. It seems like we are feeding the twistedness of the morals in our societies.

All of us as leaders and social change makers should work together to end this consumerism and foster the ideology of productivity and creativity. We have to promote for the ideology of pluralism and being different. Being different is not a crime it’s a source of empowerment for the morals of our communities and our future.

Mohamed Mahdi Mejri

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