LIGFest_Air GuitarsI wanted to share a recent amazingly fun volunteering experience! While I would love to claim that this was done purely out of good and noble intentions, I have to be honest, that it was a bit of a combination of situational and selfish, with a sprinkling of good nature.

LIGFest_Good Vibes Save Lives

While working through my ‘live performances must see while I am in the US’ list, I discovered that Jack Johnson was going to be performing at the Life is Good Festival in Boston. These were by far the cheapest tickets on the entire tour and actually the only ones where one could get tickets, without going into a lottery system. With a friend having recently started at Harvard Law School, it was the perfect excuse to go and visit her, discover Boston & Harvard, and all with a Cherry-on-top Special of seeing Jack Johnson and Amos Lee live. When I found some super cheap flights, it immediately became a no-brainer!!

LIGFest_Like what you doThen I discovered that they were looking for volunteers, and that would mean being able to even go to the festival for free, in exchange for a few hours of work. As someone always on the look-out for a bargain and living on a limited stipend budget, this seemed too good to be true! Luckily I signed up and was selected early, letting me register for both first shifts of the day and therefore meaning that I would be free to enjoy the headline bands in the evenings!

LIGFest_OptimismThe 24 hours before reaching Boston seemed like everything was going to go wrong (the list being much too long and horrendous to include here!) As if by a miracle though, as soon as I landed in Boston, it was as if I was enveloped by the magic of “Life is Good”. I had been introduced to the brand during my visit to the US last year … and absolutely LOVED it. Often being accused of being someone who always sees the glass as being half full (or as I established the other day just excited about it if there is actually something in the glass!), the positivity they try to spread resonated with me ONE HUNDRED PERCENT!

LIGFest_Stand 5My “volunteering” included serving drinks at the bar directly in line with both stages! I therefore got to do something I love, while interacting with some of the most amazingly wonderfully positive people and all while being able to listen to some awesome bands! Needless to say, I overstayed my shift time considerably … just because I was having so much fun! And even though the festival experience itself would have been well worth the journey … Jack Johnson and Amos Lee live, at some stage even together on stage, certainly tipped the scale!

This was truly one of the MOST amazing experiences of my time in the US so far! All I can say is that: LIFE IS GOOD!!

LIGFest_Hannah & Nici

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