Sitting there, I felt like it’s a magical moment. An evening, when caravans return after year-long battles to share their stories of the journey. The battles which didn’t have opponents but the situations and conditions.

It’s night after graduation and we are gathered at friend’s apartment in rainy Washington. Few of the members already left the country and few were in planning that same moment.

And the remaining ones, the left-overs ( read; Left Lovers) were busy in this hall full of energies and soul full souls sharing and analyzing.

Some were talking about the year that just ended in the blink of the eye while remembering their entry time to this country full of opportunities and their struggles and achievement time in this country. While some of us were sharing future plans.

While listening to these interesting reflections about the experience and hopes of future. I started reflecting my journey from the small town of Lasbela district of Balochistan to swing state of New York’s Manhattan where I got an opportunity to work with Girls education leading movement Girl Rising. I asked myself, what brought you from the youth-led organization based in 2 mud made rooms in small town to this global organization in this city. And the answer I got was the passion and commitment and self-belief.


Once you have this, everything is possible. for all the new comers, I would suggest to join this program and don’t waste your year in your mobile, go out meet people, go to parks talk to people learn, go to events learn, network and build your capacity.

This time is limited and this year won’t take much to end. I would follow these three D’s from experience onwards for success and better experience.

Be Dedicated; Be Delicate and De-Attach yourself from old habits and from the new one.

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