Febin Bellamy, the Founder of Unsung Heroes and a senior at Georgetown University, shares his story of making impact on his community


How many of you have thought that a young age and a lack of experience in a particular field is an obstacle to success? Let me tell you that it is actually not! Here is an example that may motivate you to start what you have always put away for later.

I had a pleasure meeting up the founder of Unsung Heroes Project – Febin Bellamy – that has gained a lot of public outreach in Georgetown University and around Washington DC. In his last year of studies at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business, he is able to both succeed in his studies and the project that tells the stories of facility workers on Georgetown campus and shows everyone appreciation for their great work.The story has recently been featured in NBC news.

Febin is a perfect example of how a young person can make a difference by putting his passion into service. Growing up in rural India, he developed compassion for other people’s needs and concerns. Later on, this compassion turned into a vision of himself as a social entrepreneur who is willing to tackle a social issue he is passionate about. And he soon found that issue! He started as a Clinton Global Initiative participant in “Just Save One -Project India” by raising $5,000 worth of medical supplies for three hospitals on Goa. He spent a couple of years being a hard working finance student at Georgetown before he had a conversation with a campus worker that changed his life. The worker shared a story that Febin thought is worth telling the World, and that’s how Unsung Heroes began.

Febin has always been passionate about photography. His brother and himself have had experience with different kinds of photoshoots where he developed his talent for storytelling and reaching people on emotional level. Febin admits that he was inspired by famous project Humans of New York by Brandon Stanton that tells stories and connects people around the world. By telling stories of workers on Georgetown campus, he aims at making them know they are cared about and appreciated. Also, this is supposed to provide better environment on campus and better workers-students relationships. Unsung Heroes is a way to tell the world that everyone has their story and deserves being known and appreciated regardless of the type of work the person has chosen. Febin is doing far greater job than just telling stories of other people who work on campus. He is enriching those stories by fundraising to make those people’s dreams come true.

Febin plans to turn this project to his full-time job where he will continue making an impact and changing the lives of other people. The plan is to expand the project to 35 different campuses and engage youth around the country to help storytell for a better campus environment.

If you are a young person who is passionate about a social issue in your community, it is your time to take an action! Be brave! Do not wait until you have a full-time job or more money. Your energy and vision is the biggest resource, and this should not be taken for granted.


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