I’m Aldo Arce, an Atlas Corps Fellow serving at National Audubon Society in New York.

I want to share with you something of my first weeks as fellow in one of the nonprofit organizations Oldest ads, large and best known to along the history in the United States.

National Audubon Society or Audubon as many people know the organization, whose mission to protect wildlife and its people in the U.S. and across the Americas.
The birds migrate each year along the entire continent, from Argentina to Canada through Mexico, Brazil, Guatemala, etc. ..
Certainly make efforts to care for birds and their habitats means you need to have an impact throughout the Americas, that’s why my host organization says “every time we have to be more global,” so if we consider today any cause is absolutely local, every development issue has an influence / impact / consequence  beyond our borders, we can conclude that we must act more globally.
But then understanding this, we realize that if we want to be global and multilateral to fulfill our mission as NGOs we should be more diverse in our management teams, our human resources today can not only reflect one culture or just one way of seeing the world. because we would lose diversity and impact strength.
So I’m very happy to share my work in this great organization which faces these challenges, National Audubon Society has worked for over a century but today is the first time  that their members and partners does not fully reflect the demographic changes experienced by the nation .
In 2040 the United States will be the country with the largest number of Spanish speakers, more than any other country in Latin America or Spain. Today 62 percent of U.S. Hispanics were born in U.S. this goes beyond any immigration issue.

The market segment that is growing more today in U.S. is the Hispanic/Latino, so every  businesses and nonprofit organization with plans to grow and remain needs to consider include the Hispanic market as their friends.
My work means then, involving Hispanic Latino audiences in the work of Audubon and the mission to protect birds that live not only in U.S. but live in America as continent.

I think this can give you an example of the urgency of considering diversity as a principle for human resources of the NGO, our audience today is not a homogeneous, we are all different and if we want to change the world we must change our perspective.

I realized that programs such as Atlas Corps is a great force to energize and diversify the nonprofit sector teams and become them modern and contemporary as the development issues and global world are demanding.

I am very happy to generate new perspectives, to cooperate with the cultural changes that this country needs and  represent my culture

Well that’s it for my first blog entry. I hope you can find interesting my posts.

Greeting from N.Y. / Hasta pronto!

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