Famine, gender based violence, internal displacement, serious environmental degradation, war. With a population of 7 billion, humanity is currently facing serious challenges. Violent international conflicts are decreasing but conflicts between citizens and their governments are becoming more frequent; The potential for terrorist actions has increased since the beginning of the “war on terror”; In 33 countries the possibility of violent demonstrations and crackdowns is greater, and the world’s military spending is much larger than in the last two decades.

¿How many world leaders are trained and are knowledgeable in the theory and practice of mediation, negotiations, conflict prevention and peace building? Most often political leaders have knowledge and formal education in the fields of economics, law, etc. How can we expect them to build sustainable peace between countries if they don’t even know the difference between a position, and an interest? Training in the art of conflict resolution should be a core skill in the toolbox of all leaders. It is not only useful when siting at a negotiation table, it has the capability to transform the way in which people think about the world and how they approach communication in all their interactions. Men and women trained in transformative mediation and negotiation have the potential to change the world by modifying the dynamics that perpetuate violence.

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