Is it not amazing how quickly messages can be transmitted? The perfect example of this is the KONY 2012 video which caused such a ripple in the world that Invisible Children couldn’t keep up with media requests, orders of their kits which were part of their campaign and all the new attention. Thanks to innovative websites, programming, ingenuous storytelling, film making and new communication channels, Joseph Kony is now the most wanted man in the world.

The flip side of such a story is the fact that while good can be spread, so can bad. Lies can take hold of a population and can become “truths” in the heads of those hearing them. On a more physical level, armies are more innovative, better trained and more equipped than ever before and this can cause devastation like we have never seen before and we have seen some pretty bad events already.

While there is potential for disaster, it is now easier, more efficient and effective for organizations, governments and private companies to work with colleagues in different locations, time zones and internet connectivity possibilities, for the greater good. Toilets, irrigation, water, etc., are now cheaper and easier to bring to far to reach communities.


To steal a line from Thomas L. Friedman, this shows how flat the world has become. Anyone, anywhere now has the capability and power in his/her hands to be heard and create waves. My hope is that this will lead to more demand for transparency and accountability especially world powers and influencers (i.e. governments, multinationals, etc.) Just this one fact, I believe will greatly impact social change, because these forces will no longer be able to hide behind shady practices and use funds inefficiently. The masses will demand to see results which will lead to monitoring results and outcomes. With this information, improvements will have to be constantly made to satisfy the people watching and the information will be there to use as a benchmark and work on improving.

In conclusion, the positives definitely outweigh the negatives. Innovation and digital technology is already allowing us to do more with less and we haven’t even seen the tip of the iceberg of possibilities. I look forward to the future!

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