Have you tried starting a nonprofit but still not sure how to finance it? This is a big question NGOs struggle with.

Majority of nonprofit organizations start and close because of funding issues, some have funding but are forced to bend their primary objectives towards the direction of the donors. These donors may be the minority, fortunately for them, they have a lot of money to donate and that gives them a voice of the majority.

During my recent Atlas Corps Global Leadership Lab, I learned that most of the times we only focus on the few donors that give a big check. While these donors are good to have on our funding list, it’s important not to ignore the majority of donors that exist around us.

Our families, friends, co-workers and the general communities we serve may be interested in what we are doing. Rallying them to buy into what we are doing can lead to a lot of support received inform of financing, skills and other non-financial support we need to run our projects.

Still stuck with how to start and sustain your nonprofit? Consider these other donors and you will see things work out by themselves.

About the author:

Joshua Eyaru is an Atlas Corps Fellow from Uganda working with Creating IT Futures.

He has already started doing exactly what he wrote in this blog. Pay attention to future updates where he will share the results of what he is doing.