It is always interesting to look back through the time when a milestone is just around the corner. It will be soon six months into my Atlas Corps fellowship. And there is a lot to look back at and a lot to look forward to. It has been an ocean of new experiences for me. But particularly I want to briefly talk about how great it has been working with VaxTrac, my host organisation.

I feel I have accumulated a host of new experiences and learning opportunities in the six months at VaxTrac. VaxTrac has an in-country project in Nepal and as a fellow from Nepal it has be a rare opportunity to be able to continue contributing to my home country. Most of all I really appreciate being a valued member of a team that has the nicest and most brilliant bunch of people. My supervisor, Meredith Baker, has been most supportive and engaging to ensure that I comfortably transition to a new work environment and is truly invested in my skills development. It feels great to know that your work is contributing to make a lasting contribution back to your community where it is most needed. I am still half-way through my fellowship period and I already feel I have made significant contributions through my work. I am thankful to Atlas Corps for such a great match of a host organization.

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