In 2016, a reported 75% of companies said top objective was to improve Customer Experience. In this time an age, unfortunately, money still talks and companies are constantly forced to think about dividends and growth rather than delivering great customer experience. However, call/contact center industry experts concur in saying that dividends hinder strategic vision while a strong focus on customer experience forwards your vision into the future of the industry.

Investing in customer experience is an act of bravery, because often the returns don’t happen right away 

Investing in customer experience supports the idea of a long-term value-creation model that takes times and organizations may have to sacrifice profits on a short-term run but definitely have a more sustainable path for growth if applied correctly

  1. Higher Leadership must be involved in Customer Experience Strategy

Market research from Forrester reports that top customer experience in an organization depends on mainly of three things: organizational culture, organizational structures, and processes; all of these avenues are driven by higher leadership.

A company that is lucky enough to have a higher leadership that acknowledges customer service as a priority delivers great customer experience, at simple as that.  After all, a customer-focused strategy trickles down to every level of the company.

  1. Personalization means time efficiency and

Blake Morgan, a columnist at Forbes,  talks about how Time as our most important “commodity” and the main driver of customer service. If your product or service does not save your customers time and it doesn’t make his or her life easier, then you lost your competitive edge.

Personalization stems from a deep degree of understanding customers needs as well as with the use of data analytics tools to study vast quantities of data and consequently predict a customer’s behavior and needs and cater accordingly.

According to Business Insider the number one barrier to personalization is too few resources dedicated to it so why not think of outsourcing as a cost-efficient and highly focused solution to bring personalization to the next level.

Ultimately, organizations who embrace these trends and acknowledge a customer-oriented strategy are bound to succeed. Whether it’s trickling down a the strategy from higher leadership or finding more hands to deliver the ultimate personalized service, you have to consider at least one option to have your own competitive edge.


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