I came across this refreshing article by Jordan Phoenix and thought I’d share it with you! Which level best describes you, and how would you improve/maintain that?!


Level 1: I am afraid of facing the skeletons in my closet, and as a result, I am also afraid of life itself.
I am angry and bitter with others, because I do not feel whole or happy within my own skin. I’m not proud of myself, and I don’t know what it means to love myself. I try to fill the void with various addictions. I am suffering heavily, and take it out on anyone I can manipulate, because I don’t know how else to deal with the pent up negativity inside me.
Taking advantage of people makes me feel powerful, which serves to distract me temporarily from the perpetual self-hatred laying right underneath it. I am a vampire who invades boundaries and drains energy from other people to make it through this rocky existence.
Level 2: I am generally a happy person, yet I am heavily affected by angry and bitter people.
They can easily push my buttons, manipulate me, or set me off into a negative spiral that I have lots of trouble breaking out of. They prey upon the weaknesses in my boundaries, and exploit them fully at their convenience.
It’s very hard to explain why, but some specific people just have this ability to make me feel powerless, and as if I must do whatever they say. They might lure me with charisma and grandiosity, intimidate me with fear, blackmail me with something embarrassing, shame me with guilt, ridicule me with information I confided in them, or pull some other random tricks out of their bag that I don’t know how to stop.
Level 3: I am in a healthy state, and have generally learned how to prevent others from invading my personal boundaries.
My radar is quite strong, and so I understand how to set up the systems of my life in such a way that negativity can never get too close to me. When it does get too close, it may affect me a bit, but I know how to shut it down and recover in a relatively short amount of time.
Level 4: I am so strongly embedded into a healthy state that I virtually have complete control over my personal boundaries.
People acting negatively cannot alter my state of mind. In actuality, if they do try their hardest to break me down, it will only tire out their source of anger and hatred, leaving them as a blank slate.
When they see me still standing there, without fear, acknowledging that I understand what they have attempted to do with poor intentions, full well knowing it was not going to work; yet consciously choosing to stand there fully present because of the good intention to help them move forward towards a healthy place, the effect is so powerful that it can actually help them move upward from level one to two, or level two to three.
Each one of us has the potential to reach level four. To become the healers, the peacemakers, the glue that pulls us all together and pushes humanity forward. Let’s keep evolving.

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