Oh road, you are too patient in carrying all, Genesis of all things met you here. You provided pathways for all,The mighty, lowly, healthy, weak, faithful or unfaithful, All will pass through you, we are surely leaving you here.

Road, when will you show mankind, where you end? All of created beings passes through you, I mean all, God had no history of origin, but created beings does. Road, do you have history too? oh!! how faithful.

Man began his/her journey from an endless road, Could it be that you road, are both spiritual and physical? Children passes through you, parents led them on you. Youths played on you with exciting energy in their physique. Adults work on your pathways expressing their intelligence. Where do you lead all of these created beings?

Indeed, I am the endless pathway, Carrying you all, as I enjoy and endure your drama on this pathway, Man like any other creatures works on me with all emotions, You come across many passersby on me and I see your emotions, I observe and admire how you treat others on my pathway.

You are enjoying my carriage, I am only doing my job. I have history of how you encourage yourself, I am only doing my job. Whether you punch others or encourage them, I am only doing my job. Do not be over exhausted as you sojourn on me, I am only doing my job. No matter how hard you labor you will always pass my pathway. I am only doing my job. Even in death, you will pass through this endless pathway.