The democracy in middle east is different

If we go back to history to 1675 when Thomas Hobbes start developing the the social contract or political contract theory, originating during the Age of Enlightenment, this theory evolved more on two other Philosophers John Locke, Jean-Jacques Rousseau to arrive to way organizing the society through one leader to lead the country biased on equality and justice and this theory was the beginning for the Civil state .
But there is no one model for democracy It could be used anywhere, because the concept of democracy is different from person to other and also from country to other. Maybe This example worked in many countries but it’s not necessary to work in middle east and also maybe many countries Reached the democracy before others but also those countries faced many challenges to make it .

its the same thing happening in middle east but they made a conditional agreement which depends on the extent of the leader’s commitment, and the all Promises he made to his people .

But what if the leaders didn’t keep they promises with people with suffer for years ?
The perfect answer is they should wait to the next elections !! but from this people perspective the answers is no!! and that’s why they add this condition to the social contract, because they get tired of waiting for good education , good health care, good food , good life and they will not wait for more 5 years in the hope of situation will change in next elections .
The democracy built on different needs, its not just elections and one winner

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