In the Wake of the broadly renowned Sialkot Partnership contrary to the Child Labor, the early promise of Pakistan lost momentum. Pressure for information dissemination to the stakeholders is growing about the corporate activities impact on society. For that reason, in the literature on disclosure, CSR disclosure issues have become more and more prominent is not surprising. Limited earlier studies concerning the exposure of CSR research has examined the CSR disclosures determinants. However, in a Pakistani setting, I found no evidence because all of these researches were conducted either in countries that are newly industrialized or in the developed countries.

The dilemma of concern is that in Pakistan, neither CSR is clearly defined nor there is an understanding of the relationship between CSRD and determinant of companies like firm age, risk, ownership, etc. On the other hand, there is also no understanding of the relationship of CSR with industrial type; therefore, there is a lack of a generally accepted disclosure guidelines that could be enforced by a regulator or industrial association.

At present, in the evolving manufacturing hubs formed by the numerous upcoming enterprise regions and pretended “textile cities,” additional opportunity is arising this way, which can market them by accepting a noticeable strategy of CSR. This opportunity either pass by Pakistan or strike into action in the situation a crisis similar the child labor crisis of Sialkot hit, or in the practice of business and decision making Pakistan could act to embed a CSR strategy of national level through incentives, active policy, and a credentialing system that can guarantee foreign buyers of the country unique position as a supplier country which is socially responsible besides assist in helping society in large. For policymakers, it is crucial to understand what factors might inspire the corporations to disclose the information related to CSR within and across the industry and take the initiative associated with CSR for creating a national CSR strategy.