It was an amazing experience to represent Atlas Corps in the just concluded 5th Nexus Youth Summit. Young people gathered from all over the World to be part of the summit.

Plenary Sessions of the Nexus Global Youth Sumit 2015 at U.N Headquarters, NYC

Plenary Sessions of the Nexus Global Youth Sumit 2015 at U.N Headquarters, NYC

As I walked into the United Nations building the morning of Thursday, July 23, 2015, I saw an overwhelming troop in of young people, ‘It was indeed a community’ the enthusiasm on the faces of these young persons’ sent a powerful signal to me. I saw young people willing to make a difference in their world. That enthusiastic look on their faces made me believe that young people are tired of waiting for change to happen rather they want to be part of the change they wish to see.
Being a room ambassador for two sessions, went further to make me believe that truly these young persons are ready to drive the wind of change in their various communities. During the breakout sessions, I saw how passionately they spoke from the heart without relenting.

The most striking thing for me happened during one of the breakout sessions that I handled on “women’s empowerment” and we had a lot of passionate male and female participants willing to make inputs. The male participants also passionately took the lead in ensuring that issues that puts women down are reversed, there were so much contributions from participants that gave me hope as a woman.


The entire summit addressed a lot of global issues both during the plenary and breakout sessions inspiring speakers spoke and there were a lot of motivation for all the summit participants to begin changing their world without limitations.
During the summit, young professionals had the opportunity of meeting advanced professionals, and there was this huge interactions between professionals that has set the ball rolling for the younger professionals. At the end of the conference, as I walked passed participants that walked passed me, I looked into their eyes and saw MORE PASSION to take MORE ACTION and my conclusion is “There’s HOPE”.

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