Often times we hear people talking about the importance of being good at something, especially, our parents, teachers, all the older and wiser people. We always hear them giving us this one key advice, to learn something, master an art because that is going to pay our cheques and help us survive.

Problem with our Generation

Statistics show that most people are not satisfied with their jobs, 80 % of the people hate their jobs and they do it because they have to earn money, maintain a social status, gain social respect, survive in this world or that is the only thing they know professionally. The biggest struggle of our generation is to figure out, what do we love doing, what is our passion, so that work becomes like a playground of our favorite sport and we never get tired.  Well….. Reality check  —  Only 13 % of the people are invested in their jobs emotionally because they love what they do and are passionate about it.

Another problem with our generation on this overpopulated planet is, that we all want to prove something. Prove something to others, to our parents, prove to our society, prove our worth, and prove to our own selves that we are capable of something big. So, we strive for something great, we want to do big things and we are running in this never ending race to make an impact, leave our mark in search of this weird satisfaction that we never get.  In this whole process, we are stressed, we are unsure, sometimes, we do not even know what we are doing and why we are doing things, but we never speak about it or let it show because it might affect our professional reputation.  People might say…she does not even know what she wants, she is confused and not focused, she does not know which field she wants to pursue or she is not even self aware, people judge you and see you as a weak person if you are unsure of what you want.  The truth is more than half of us do not know what we really want and where we are really heading.

Question – Does that make us any less of a good worker or a professional?  Or make us not fit for the professional world? Or make us Weak and unaware of our self? Or worthless Or vulnerable Or not confident?

NO !!!


Interesting Facts

I have something interesting to share with you all 🙂 We all are already good at something which most of the times, we do not even know. Why? Because we do not pay attention, we are busy running in this stupid race to prove our selves, reach someplace we do not know, go out to attaining these big dreams. And while doing this, we all tend to forget that we all are good at that something, the interest of which comes from within the core of us and by doing it again and again, by experiencing it and working on it, we become good at that something. But we tend to ignore that because it does not transform into a career and it does not sound “Great” for e.g. One can be a very good listener, can be very good at Excel, can be very good at writing good mails, can be a very good Gardner, can be very good at explaining concepts, can be very good at directions, can be very good at asking questions, can be very good at budgeting, can be very good at having fun. All of these are small things that we do not focus on and because of which we do not practice on honing these skills.

The truth is we need these everyday small skills more than we pay attention to them. The reason why…. will in fact solve the biggest questions today’s young generation has, which is, what do I want to do???? What is that job of my interest, the job that I love, the job that I will never get tired of, that will also pay my bills and most of all, the job that will feed my innermost weird satisfaction. Few people tend to know the answer to these questions. Being aware of our small skills can take our enthusiasm and career to a different direction. One might change his/her career completely and start something of his/her own or one might not change anything because they have struck an amazing balance between their work that pays off their bills and their skill, that they use as hobby which satisfies their innermost needs.  If we pursue our small interests, we might just end up being an expert on them and the biggest joy of all times comes when we share our passion with others, through teaching them what we know and what we preach.de2f0f31c812856225810a63f65d6f35

For instance, I can remember from my childhood that I have had a way with animals and when I look back and reflect, I loved my first interaction with animals, so I continued and developed this unique way and connection with them, which people around me feel all the time. I am very passionate about animals and I wish to be associated with a job that has to do something with animal rights. There are other things I love as well like sports, adventure and traveling which give me happiness and satisfaction. But the Biggest of the satisfaction is the one that I get when I share my passion with others, when I can teach others what is the way to be with animals, when I can take their fear off of a dog, when I can inspire them and tell them why they should travel, when I teach some kids basics of a sport. Its pure joy, pleasure and something I cannot define in words. Its better than the pay checks, promotions and trying to prove my worth to someone. It is that weird satisfaction that I crave for all the time, but get rarely.

I wish for everyone, that they reflect on what they really love, what they are really good at and take time out in their daily life to do it and spread their passion and teach others a skill that they know and are expert of.

Finding Our Center !!!

I want to share this amazing movie called “Rise of the Guardians” where they talk about everyone having a “CENTER”. “CENTER” is something that you are good at, the thing that you spread or teach or preach. This movie is a story about this boy who does not know his center and is depressed and his transformational journey helps him find his center and happiness.  Your Center could be as simple as spreading fun or joy or teaching a language etc.  I will recommend you to watch this movie.

In the end, I just want to leave you with a few important questions, they are not about what do you want to become professionally, or how does your career looks like in 10 yrs but:

  • What is your Center?
  • What is your little contribution to the world through your expertise?
  • When was the last time you got your dose of that weird satisfaction ?
  • And are you spreading what you love/preach?



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