“On 31 May 1992, the Bosnian Serb authorities in Prijedor, a town in north western Bosnia and Herzegovina, issued a decree for all non-Serbs to mark their houses with white flags or sheets and to wear a white armband if they were to leave their houses. This was the first day of a campaign of extermination that resulted in executions, concentration camps, mass rapes and the ultimate removal of more than 94 percent of Bosnian Muslims and Bosnian Croats from the territory of the Prijedor municipality.

This was the first time since the 1939 Nazi decree for Polish Jews to wear white armbands with the blue Star of David that members of an ethnic or religious group were to be marked for extermination in this way.”

http://sabinacudic.blogspot.com/2012/05/stop-genocide-denial.html , by Sabina Cudic

Today people from more then 70 countries joined the campaign that started in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which aim was to give a voice to victims of mass atrocities from around the world in their struggle for the truth, dignity and remembrance. Idea was started few days ago by one of the survivors of Prijedor genocide, and within a day people from around the world joined and supported the campaign by sharing stories, and pictures of themselves wearing a white armbands.


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