Last week was Thanksgiving, mine felt like it has been going for a month, during which I had the honor to be at a couple of ”friendsgiving parties” , then an amazing office Thanksgiving feast at my host organization ”PYXERA Global” and then a thanksgiving lunch and a thanksgiving dinner with my friend’s family in Pennsylvania ! Yes, you an say that I gained weight, but most importantly I gained a huge spiritual weight and filled my heart with the holiday joy and happiness and interesting people.

It was a great holiday ! Few days of relaxation and good food and loving humans !

In this experience, I explored and learned a lot about sub-urban America and how people think and I didn’t imagine that I could have such great conversations with many Americans and learn about their views of world politics and how it affects them and I was happy to share my experiences and beliefs as well.


As a non-American, I was imagining something like this :

? +  ? =  ?

That’s what a shoe-fly pie would mean …. disgustingly interesting !

So before heading back to DC, we had a shoefly pie as desert, it’s so sweet and delicious !

and here is what a shoefly pie looks like in real world:

Résultats de recherche d'images


I also went to Amish Country, where all Amish people live, which I will talk about in the next blog post, so stay tuned !

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