Thanksgiving celebration is a very American cultural observance. We do not have this kind of celebration back in the Philippines. Despite that, there is so much in this cultural celebration that a non-American, like me, can easily share with among our American and even foreign fellows, and that is the universal values of being grateful of the relationships and the blessings that we have.

Yes, it is time to say a simple “Thank you!” The world may not be so good to you this year- economic downturn and you lost your job, conflict with a long time friend, divorced a partner, death of a close family member and not getting the scholarship or fellowship that you had prayed for, but it does not mean that you have nothing to thank for. There is still your family, your great health, your eating at least three times a day, or your close friends are around you when you need people to lean and share with about the challenges in life.

So the next time we complain or curse somebody because we think that we are in a very sorry situation. Try to think about it again, we might be more blessed and lucky compared to those people in the streets without any home and food to eat, in the conflict and risky spots of the world or in prisons without any family visiting them? Think and contemplate, it might be more lighter and easier to be grateful…

For me then, Thanksgiving is the gratefulness to the spirit of family and community that I share among people while having my Atlas Corps fellowship here. More than that, it is being thankful to the fellows whom I have met, learned, shared and enjoyed the friendship with because that is the genuine meaning of fellowship to begin with. Embracing such diversity and having tolerance for such cultural beliefs are somehow overwhelming, but it guides me of who I am as a person: a global citizen at that who embraces the values of humanity! Without any worries, it is Thanksgiving day for me everyday while in the US, whole year round. You can also do the same as well…

To end, let me say it, “Happy Thanksgiving everyone!”

9 thoughts on “Thanksgiving and the Atlas Corps Fellowship: A Global Filipino’s Perspective”

  1. patrick.asinero says:

    I hope we can do it Helen

    1. patrick.asinero says:

      I shall forward your great suggestion to the Atlas Corps staff who moderates this blog site… Thanks for such idea Helen!

  2. patrick.asinero says:

    Thank you Weldon, my friend! And happy thanksgiving too especially for the friendships. I do not forget you all my great friends! I hope you are doing great my friend!

  3. patrick.asinero says:

    Oh, so you did apply for batch 8? Great! I am looking forward man of seeing you then on March 1, 2012…Cheers man! In the near future, next stop would be Rift Valley in Kenya man…

  4. patrick.asinero says:

    You’re welcome! And Thank you as well for the appreciation! I hope you learned and I hope to share more thoughts somehow like this in the coming months. Cheers!

  5. pasinero says:

    definitely latanya, you can…

    1. pasinero says:

      if you like, you can also follow and clone my blog site:

  6. pasinero says:

    Thanks a lot Todd! I am humbly happy to hear that.

  7. pasinero says:

    Hi Paul! Great to hear that this blog benefits you! For that, I’ll keep myself writing blogs of essence….

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