Everyone experiences new things in life; some people learn how to drive, some how to swim and some learn how to avoid wasting our time. But I had totally different experience when I found myself surrounded by potatoes, tomatoes, cooking oil and last but not the least by a knife. Please do not be confused I was standing in my kitchen here in USA.

I cannot forget the day in my life when I was selected by Atlas Corps to be its fellow of Class 19. Hurrah! I felt myself in heaven as to be trained in any American organization like Atlas Corps is something almost every Pakistani dreams of. When I told my mom about this golden opportunity that was offered by the Atlas Corps, naturally she was very happy but the very next moment she inquired, “How would you manage to live there alone as you do not know even how to fold your blanket…?” ….. “Oh mom! do not worry, I will manage it”, I said but my heart missed a beat at that time. “How would you do it…?, I asked this question to myself. My mother took me to the kitchen and said, “At least try to learn the basic cooking techniques now”.

But something bad started to happen with me that time. My heart started beating too hard and I was sweating, “O God! I think I am going to have a heart attack”, I whispered but was a bit afraid of my mom too who was looking directly in my eyes. She said to me in a very harsh tone, “It is just a result of your father’s excessive love that you have never learnt any cooking skills so far”. She was absolutely right but even then I was about to die after thinking that now I would have to learn how to cook food.

But miracles happen in this world as at that time our phone bell started ringing. My mom went to pick the call in the living room and finally I was released from the cruel clutches of the kitchen.

I think I forgot the true reason behind writing this blog. Yes I was narrating my story about how finally I was found among potatoes and tomatoes in my kitchen in DC. Yes, the moment of trial and error had finally arrived. Atlas Corps had released us the monthly living stipend and we were told that we should start cooking food at home instead of buying it from markets. Atlas Corps’ very sweet and kind members, Andrea and Kelley, guided us how could we save money by preparing food at home. So, here you go. That is why, I was there in the kitchen to cook something for my dinner.

I started peeling potatoes but the very first one which I was trying to peel soon slipped from my hand and disappeared somewhere at the floor. “Where the potato has gone to….i had peeled almost half of it and it has disappeared”, I was about to weep. “Lets try the next one”, I finally decided and started peeling the other potato. After peeling that potato successfully I was feeling as I have conquered the half of the world.

After peeling my vegetables; onions, tomatoes, and potatoes, the next step was how to cook them. I poured cooking oil in sauce pan and added my vegetables in it with a pinch of salt. I put a lid on the pan and started waiting for a time when it would be ready. I did not have any idea about its cooking time. All of the sudden an idea came to my mind, “Why not Youtube…..”?, I asked to myself and the very next moment I had started watching a cooking recipe at youtube. In short, after watching that recipe I had learnt how to cook potatoes with onions.

From now onwards, I am cooking my food properly that has helped in saving my money alot. Now I can cook anything; chicken, fish, Chinese rice, beef and vegetables. My mother and I are really thankful to Atlas Corps that made me learn the cooking techniques. Even everyone from Atlas Corps family is invited anytime to come to my home and taste my food.

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