Testing Assumptions!

Oftentimes, we believe things will go in a certain way, yet we really haven’t lived out those experiences and we aren’t sure that most of our hypothesis about circumstances will end up as we have assumed.

Taking this new job will make me feel more fulfilled, moving to this new city will open up doors of opportunities, getting into this relationship will make me happier, adopting this new lifestyle will make me healthier. These and many more assumptions are held by individuals on a daily basis, but I, however, believe that the time comes when those assumptions get tested.

Sometimes, we play a role in this process, and in other cases, we seem to be puns in the game of chess called life in which other forces seem to play a lead role in determining how things turn out, while all we can do is watch and see how things pan out.

All assumptions do not necessarily need to be tested, but our assumptions will be tested one way or the other. The lessons we, however, take from the process is very important. Do we come out stronger, wiser, better or healthier? Or do we wallow in the valley of despair and hold those experiences responsible for our state?

As we wake up each day and face the world, we must all know that whether we actively seek for it or not, our assumptions will get tested that way. That’s just part of the experience of living that we must all go through, and it ends up shaping us into who we eventually become.

In conclusion, not all assumptions need to be tested, we, however, must keep an open mind to know and be ready for when they indeed are tested!

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