Have you ever thought about how technology has affected philanthropy? Does technology impact the way we think about philanthropy? We know technology has affected many aspects of our lives, and of course it has also impacted foundations and philanthropic initiatives. There are many ways in which technology has impacted philanthropy, one of the most important changes is the communication, nowadays it is possible for grantees to communicate with their donors in real time, using different platforms like social media, or even though mobile devices. This allows a more interactive conversation; more people can join the discussions about the topics they are interested in.

Additionally, technology has made things simpler, for example crowdfunding allows small and/or individual initiatives to raise funds for their philanthropic initiatives, without the need to be a big organization, or an old one. Moreover, technology has facilitated the collaboration among peers, people from all over the world are now able to connect, to discuss ideas, and to learn the best practices in the industry.

Nowadays, keeping the transactions’ records, and the donors’ records is simple and easier, thanks to the different database management tools available in the market, these applications can be even customized according to the customer needs, so it has become an amazing tool that is changing the way we work in philanthropy.

Finally, in my opinion technology is helping us to make a more efficient and committed philanthropy. We should act consistently to our values, and messages. For example, nowadays, you cannot say something in public, and to send an email saying something different, for that reason I think technology is also increasing the transparency of the sector.  Technology is an amazing tool, it is transforming our sector, it has the potential to be a catalytic mean to the philanthropic sector, but when it is not used properly, it can cause more harm than good. The invitation is to use technology in the best way possible, so we can all enjoy the benefits of a more efficient philanthropy.

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