Technology and Gender equality are the biggest changes most people are trying to address in today’s society. Looking at the current trends, Gender equality is a big issue in nearly every country and many need proper governance system to manage these equality rights. Efforts have been made by private organizations and foundations as well as people who are trying to make a system where the basic necessities for survival are provided to those who ask for it. There might be tougher laws among people in the near future which bring about these basic rights for every person. In my country, the government is gradually embracing the need to empower women, this has had a positive impact in our economy. In the next five years there will be more women taking up leadership positions and this will in turn have a ripple effect on the economy. When it comes to technology, according to Mohr’s Law, technology will nearly triple in the next 5 years, imagine the ripple effect it will have in the society. My advocacy is in trying to achieve gender equality in my community  through technology. For the last 4 years I have been advocating for more women to join the technology space. For many years technology has been seen as a man’s job but being part of it and having experience, it is also a perfectly woman job.  I have always involved myself with programs that advocate for more women to join the technology space. I have been volunteering for Technovaton as a coach as a mentor and as a judge, where we are train young girls in high school on programming skills, over the years we have seen an impeccable increase in girls choosing stem courses when it’s time to join university. I have also worked with Girls in Tech where we seek to increase women visibility in the tech space through conferences, hackathon, workshops and training. Through this programs we have seen an increase in women taking STEM courses therefore achieving the end goal which is gender equality.