The time, we are living in, is called the Technological era. We have seen the effects of the Agricultural era and industrial revolution. Now we are going through the Technological revolution. Like previous revolutions technology has affected the lives, living standards and every aspect of the life in a greater way. Earlier revolutions were limited to some specific segments of the society or even to the countries. But now every segment of society is affected by the technology.

The Agricultural era was more focused on land acquisition and labor utilization. Though there were better opportunities for production. But the common person was not benefited a lot from all this. In the industrial revolution, the big players grabbed the markets. The economy was more centralized. A minority was enjoying the best of the life while the majority was facing the worst of the life.

The Technological revolution started right after the invention of computers and gradually they took control of most of the part of the life. The big machines were converted into handheld devices. The slow computers were turned into super-fast computers. The boom of prices was settled down into a very affordable range. All this was so fast and amazing that it looks a story of yesterday only.

No one would have thought that life will change and affected by the machines in this way. But it did in a greater way. Now we can see the technology as a great role player in the industry, in health, in education, in transportation, in infrastructure development. None of the parts of life is without the technological effects. All these effects are counted as the positive one. We could diagnose the diseases on earlier stages, we could prepare the medicines at a fast pace, we could manage the natural and human-made disasters more timely and efficiently. Same is replicated in all races of life.

But besides all these good there are some negative aspects of this race. The different analytics are showing that there will be a huge effect on the unemployment rate. This will increase in with larger numbers in the history of mankind.  Where thousands of humans were working to construct a road, a few machines with few peoples are enough to manage all that. Where the number of personnel were required to manage the companies records and systems. Now only one computer is enough to do all the job of many persons.

But still, the good news is there. Technology created the opportunities as well. Humans will never lose the importance. They will keep moving forward with the invention and for the solutions. In the history of mankind, human beings always kept moving forward with the struggle of getting the best out of worst.

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