As social workers widen their ability to cope with a changing technological landscape, most are adopting several tech tools for themselves. While plenty of social work tech relies on older technologies, like desktop computers, many of the most exciting and practical tools make use of the newest tech trends, like mobile apps.

Apps are convenient, which make them ideal for busy social workers. An app that includes a searchable reference list of symptoms and side effects of pharmaceutical drugs helps social workers better treat mentally or physically ill clients. Additionally, an app that allows for quick input of client data to include health symptoms, mood ratings, financial security, and more, can keep social workers organized on-the-go. Having information like this always available allows social workers to be more efficient in their jobs.

What’s more, social workers can utilize apps within sessions to learn about and help their clients. For example, there already exist a number of apps to assist with speech therapy for children and adults. Social workers can introduce their clients to appropriate apps and encourage them to continue using the app on their own time. Because many such apps function like games, clients might be more likely to practice and improve with such a technological treatment.

Even among the lower socioeconomic classes, technology is ever-present. Social workers must understand how technology impacts their client populations to be equipped with appropriate responses to emerging problems. Additionally, social workers stand to benefit greatly by adopting technology into their practices. Social work is good work, but it can also be easier work with applicable tech.