Whitney is a talented, marketing professional who has a keen skill for identifying and implementing an organizational and marketing strategy to achieve optimal growth. She has experience with strategic planning, nonprofit consulting, marketing, development and philanthropy. Whitney began her career designing and implementing large-scale enterprise software systems. Initially, she worked on the technical design side, working through the various states of design, testing, and execution while managing both the on-site and off-site development teams. Following a desire to work more closely with the end-user, she transitioned to the Organizational Development aspect of project implementation, where she learned how to identify user needs and desires. Her technical and organizational skillset proved invaluable when she shifted industries to eCommerce marketing 9 years ago. Whitney is also an active philanthropist being one of the founding members of the first all-female Giving Circle in Brooklyn, NY, as well as serving as the Atlas Corps Board Chair, among other endeavors. Her personal experience of 15 years managing and almost curing a chronic illness with no cure contributes to her interest in challenging conventions, thinking outside the box, and embracing uncertainty.