Quintan Wiktorowicz is the co-founder and managing partner of Affinis Labs, an award-winning social innovation firm that tackles complex global challenges through entrepreneurship. He previously served in two senior positions at the White House, where he was responsible for national security engagement policies that leverage entrepreneurship, public-private partnerships, diplo­macy, com­munications, development assistance, and community outreach. Prior to joining the White House, Quintan developed groundbreaking counter-radicalization initiatives for the U.S. Government. Before his government service, he was one of Amer­ica’s leading academics on the Muslim World, publishing three peer-reviewed books, an award winning audio book, and dozens of arti­cles and book chapters.

Quintan received his Ph.D. in political science from American University, studied Islam in Cairo with an al-Azhar shaykh, and conducted fieldwork on violent extremism in Jordan and the UK, where he witnessed radicalization first hand. He was a Fulbright Scholar; and a professor at Rhodes College, Dartmouth College, and Shippensburg University.