Maja Vujinovic has a strong on-ground experience in Emerging Markets and advises private companies and governments on growing their businesses and policies in: energy/renewable energy, agriculture, mining, real estate and non-profit, throughout. She has lived and worked in 18 different places around the world.

She has an experience in negotiating minefield of political interests including mitigation of potential long-term effects on the investments and local communities while focusing on long term growth (merging government, local and commercial needs).

Ms.Vujinovic, is an active Committee Member at World Energy Forum. She is also a member of the organizational committee and a panelist at the G8 Young Summit and the Nexus Youth Summit, where she speaks on Investing in Frontier Markets: Growing and Managing Business, Corruption and Diplomacy in Different Cultures.

Ms. Vujinovic´s life philosophy has been deeply influenced by her experience as a child living through the war in ex-Yugoslavia and her life throughout three continents. She gives her time and fundraising ability to charitable organizations; serves as a mentor, tutor and motivational speaker for children in various African schools and public institutions.

Ms. Vujinovic received her J.D. from Emory University, Master´s certificate in diplomacy and negotiations from Georgetown University and her undergraduate in International Affairs and Economics from Georgia State University.