Kate is currently the Senior Manager of Communications at Atlas Corps, where she leads digital communication with the international community of 100,000 social changemakers from 115 countries. She joined Atlas Corps in 2019 when she participated in the Atlas Corps Fellowship, a professional development program in the United States for the world’s social change leaders.¬†Kate is a communications professional with over 12 years of international experience working in the for-profit and nonprofit sectors. In 2020, she served as a Communications Consultant for the Y20 Youth Summit, a youth-led event, a part of the official G20 Summit, bringing young leaders from across G20 countries to discuss and debate the G20 Leaders’ agenda. As a member of the international team created by Atlas Corps, the MiSK Foundation from Saudi Arabia, and the Dutch creative agency New Heros, Kate led digital and social media promotion of the Y20 Community Special Initiatives, reaching out to 7.5 million young leaders from G20 countries. Kate also serves as a foreign language teacher at the Global Language Network, a DC-based nonprofit organization, and a volunteer translator for several United Nations programs.