As a management professional focused on the intersection of data and decision making, Judy uncovers the stories behind statistics. Her extensive experience to date has been almost exclusively with hospitality entities, ranging in scope from a single property to a portfolio of hotels, and includes nearly every stage of the business cycle.

At Host Hotels & Resorts, the largest lodging real estate investment trust (REIT) in the US, Judy analyzes hotel performance results, advises on pricing strategies, demand generation, digital marketing and ecommerce. Prior to joining Host Hotels, Judy led revenue maximization efforts at the Ritz-Carlton Hotels of the Caribbean and Mexico and used her collaborative leadership style to bring together cross-functional teams.

Judy graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of the Philippines Diliman and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Georgetown University.

Born and raised in the Philippines, Judy was driven by a recent historical event – the 500-year anniversary of Ferdinand Magellan’s arrival in the Philippines – to explore her cultural roots more deeply. Doing so led her to author her first book – 1521, Rediscovering the History of the Philippines – in which she brings to light stories about the archipelago in the advent of colonization. Judy hopes that through these stories, we see the different sides of history as a way to find what connects us instead of what divides us.