Delfina joined Atlas Corps as Strategy Manager in summer 2022. She is a current MBA student at the Wharton School of Business, graduating in 2023, pursuing a joint degree with the Lauder Institute for International studies, focusing on cross-regional topics. She additionally holds a Masters degree in Management and an undergraduate degree in International Business. Prior to joining Atlas Corps, Delfina was a consultant at Boston Consulting Group (BCG) in her native Germany. Throughout her time at BCG, Delfina specialized in social impact, consulting with nonprofit and for-profit organizations across a wide range of social impact topics, including climate change, COVID mitigation and childhood welfare. Through her time spent as a consultant, Delfina developed critical project management and presentation skills, in addition to sharpening her quantitative analytical skills in highly data-driven projects. These experiences complemented her experience studying and living in different countries, where she was able to develop skills in intercultural communication and global citizenship. In addition to her work at BCG, Delfina has worked in the field of health-tech, working for a mental health focused start-up during her studies and also supporting a health-tech focused company builder in Berlin prior to joining the MBA program. Delfina has lived on three different continents and in six different countries and particularly enjoys studying cultures new and unfamiliar to her. She speaks German, English and intermediate French, and is also learning Spanish.