As the leader of the project team, the project manager must concretely plan the communications (via meetings, workshops, reports, memos, newsletters, blogs, etc.) that allow the project team to share information, actively work to identify issues and conflicts and interact creatively to resolve any issues. Furthermore, it is important to differentiate between regular and ongoing communication with project team members, sponsors, and other key stakeholders. Although we know below mentioned six principles, but we usually forget to practice it at the workplace. I have identified my own six principles, practiced it with co-workers and gain the trust at work. It really works.

  1. Avoid bilingual communication
  2. Be attentive when someone is sharing information
  3. Give your input/feedback whenever you get a chance
  4. Deliver more and commit less approach
  5. Pass supportive messages instead of changing the topic
  6. Be open and true whenever you share something