TEAM BUILDING: Scavenger Hunt escapade with Philanthropy University Team

As a result of an amazing onboarding methodology to the “town culture” only to be found and uniquely practiced at this organization, Philanthropy University team does not require any additional team building exercise per se. The scavenger hunt was one of many other events we do randomly as a healthy deviation to our busy work schedules.

Our recent scavenger hunt, took place on a Friday afternoon where the entire team took to the streets of downtown Oakland. The team was split into two, “Bantosaurus” & “Team PUSH”. With activities lined up on an “app”, to say this was entirely a digital scavenger hunt”. As much as it was fun running around the streets on financial districts of downtown Oakland. It was a treat to discover, learn the history of the city, the buildings, and monuments.

The scavenger hunt took me to little pockets of the city that I have never been in spite of living here for almost year. The activities were point based with a clock ticking. Some of the highlights were taking pictures in front of a certain venue, building, or simply to answer a trivia.

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