March 31st has marked International Transgender Day of Visibility. First started in 2009 by trans activist  – Rachel Crandall, from USA – the day is an important moment to recognize the struggle of transgender people against hate and discrimination, achievements of the movement and support the fight for equality, visibility and safety. It is the day of acceptance commemorated by activist all over  the world by a range of online and offline events dedicated towards raising visibility, awareness and knowledge of the communities about issues of gender identity, expression and transgender rights. Today, together with November 20 – a Day of Remembrance dedicated to the victims of transphobia and those lost to hate crime and violence- this date is an important stepping stone in bringing out the  dialogue to the forefronts.
For those cis-individuals looking for a ways to be allies – explore the tips on how to become a batter of transgender people as phrased by GLAAD here 

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