I am arching towards an intermediate level of play, but I enjoy my newly acquired logic, creativity, and focus skills from playing chess.

I have played tennis for over fourteen years, but the thirst to play chess remains unquenched. A couple of months ago, in the middle of the covid-19 crisis, my partner gifted me with a chessboard because I wanted to learn and play finally. It was also our bonding sport, and it’s winter; I cant outdoor play tennis, so chess made sense. Well, I am arching towards an intermediate level of play, but I enjoy my newly acquired logic, creativity, and focus skills from playing chess.

These soft skills I have listed are just a drop of sand in the ocean; the catch is the value and difference chess has made in my work productivity and, to an extent, social life.

Chess is mind-blowing, and I am excited to share my favorite strategies I have picked.

Pay attention to details!

 A few weeks ago, I maintained an existing website; I face many challenges skimming through code lines to make changes and take just about 70 breaks. The reason is that my attention span is limited, and I get bored quickly. Once I started playing chess, I noticed I paid more attention while scanning code lines and became timely in meeting deadlines. When playing, I must pay attention to the moves I make and my opponent; taking this back to my work, I am attentive to my work and my code when I make specific changes.

Optimized solutions in problem solving

In June 2020, I designed one landing page for the canvas course; once I was satisfied, it met the requirements, I send it to the project owner.

In November 2020, after I had started playing chess, i took a second look at the page and felt it could have looked better. Hence, I sat down and tried out several other styles, color themes, and font sizes and finally sent three to the same project owner. He was not expecting but was more impressed with the increased options, which looked better than the first delivery. Hence, we made the changes to use the new template. The difference between the two deliverables is giving the best or optimal results in your work, dig deeper.

creativity, Innovative and flexible mind-set

As I mentioned earlier on delivering the best results, this does not come without creativity, innovativeness, and a spontaneous mindset. Because of chess, I enhanced my imagination and experience; I was forced to pick up tricks to ensure I remain on the safe side and confident in my work. These are transferable skills in all careers.

Positive competition and growth

My chess partner’s level of play is roughly 8.5 out of 10. I am probably 4.5 out of 10. Those two figures show that we are at a significantly different level of play. I have defeated him once. The takeaway is your colleagues are as good as you are; hence you are on the same playground, never underestimate their skills; instead, learn from everyone and teach them something.

It is the beginning, not the end 

Sometimes I get discouraged between a match, but my chess partner tells me I will take a photo of how far we are with the game, and we can pick up next time once you have regained my energy. If your fellowship is not running as expected, take a break. Request for a meeting with your supervisor or explores all the available options for the challenge at hand.

It is crucial to play/ volunteer and finish your fellowship in good standing. Give your best till the last day. Some days you may be a favorite in your organization and glow, and other days, you may be late with the deadlines or not meet objectives. All this is okay; wait for the next opportunity and give your best. 

I hope you join me on the quest to make work fun and rewarding. All the best!!!!!!!