Technological revolution is halting many labor intensive industries through machines, computers, artificial intelligence, robots, software and many more. On contrary, new industries are emerging requiring technical skills to enter and go along with this revolution. Industries are continuously striving to develop best systems for efficient and effective output. Developing best system is a new industry and field of study to achieve best results.

Visualizing the grocery shopping experience today via some super store or online website gave me following list of systems or strategies used involved in this experience;

  • Supply chain management systems
  • Customer relationship management
  • Customer loyalty plan
  • Customer Engagement Strategy
  • Brand strategy
  • Market campaign
  • Display and layout strategy

This whole bunch of systems is minimizing the human interaction and access to the customer directly. Companies are doing research on brand identity and brand image to improve the experience of customer from the start point till the end. There is no end to the circle as we want customer loyal to the brand which is essential to generate profit.

Historically, small shops near the residential areas serve the customer needs for grocery items. Shop owner was keeping customer records manually in a register or sometimes he has memorized the whole record of customer purchases. This whole experience involve relationship between shop-owner and customers through human interaction. Shop owner was building relationship with customer through serving customer needs in best way. He was well-informed about the customer financial and social data through relationship.  On basis of this relationship, many customers could buy items on credit in their hard times. This whole experience involved the relationship and human interaction.

We are building systems today to serve customers but not building relationships to serve human.


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