In life we get a lot of ” constructive criticisms”, a lot of suggestions and recommendations that we often times refuse to accept as we believe who we are, what we do and what we stand for is prefect or without fault.

Throughout my young yet interesting and exciting life, I have had a few, wait …what am i saying… I meant a lot of recommendations thrown my way regarding various elements of my being, persona, perceived impression by others and how I operate. Many a times i will initially ignore these beneficial concerns, however, i always allow myself some time to reflect on what was said; analyze each word carefully; analyze/reflect on my past actions and create/develop a more positive/progressive modus operandi going forward.

This reflection/gentle hint comes in light of several ” constructive criticism”, suggestions and recommendations that have graced my ears over the past few months. The common phrase ” the grass is not always greener on the other side” has been the reality for many I’ve come in contact with. I firmly believe however, that for those of us that are decision makers and implementers we can ” STOP”, REFLECT, ANALYZE, STRATEGIZE & EXECUTE” properly, thus improving the colour of the grass from a “brown patch” to either a harlequin or lawn green colour.

Remember suggestions, criticisms, and problems don’t make you weak; they only make you stronger!

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