The Sudanese diaspora are widely dispersed in the West. A large number of Sudanese diaspora reside in the US, UK and a number of European countries. The diaspora is quiet active and a number of active charity organizations initiated by the diaspora exist today. The scale and influence though remain to be judged. However, it is worth noting some contributions:

The Sudanese Diaspora in the Netherlands  have managed to set up community projects in Sudan that focus on literacy, the education of young people and women, caring for orphans, etc. In this respect, the Sudanese Diaspora undertakes private (voluntary self-help) development projects in Sudan both through individual and collective efforts. However, the self-help development projects that Sudanese Diaspora in the Netherlands has set up in Sudan are mainly small-scale. They are promoted to cater for the needs of a very limited target group. It is for this reason that some Sudanese Diaspora groups are now seeking partnerships with mainstream development agencies like ICCO with the aim of widening and sustaining their activities on the ground in Sudan. These organisations also suffer from severe capacity constraints. This last problem can be dealt with effectively by enhancing the capacity of the Sudanese Diaspora organisations through educational and training courses and workshops. [1]

Some well known registered US and UK diaspora charity initiatives are existing today and seem to attract a lot of volunteers and reasonable donations. One example is Sadagaat, with its first project implemented in 2002 for rehabilitating a mosque in Omdurman/Khartoum. The group’s activities widened to include a variety of other projects. After 10 consecutive years of operating Sadagaat group registered officially to advance social work in Sudan.  You can read more on  .

Sadagaat also partners with other registered medical diaspora led charity initiatives which are also quite active on their own. These are:

  • Sudanese American Medical Association (SAMA). SAMA is a nonpolitical, nonprofit organization formed by a group of Sudanese physicians who completed their graduate medical training in the United States. You can read more about their projects at
  • Salamat Doctors Charity is another UK registered charity since 2010 that works to deliver medical care and education to the people of Sudan. It is dedicated to identifying health problems in Sudan and delivering health care to those who most need it in rural areas. You can read more about their activities at

There is also a number of diaspora led Women’s Organisations such as Nuba Mountains Women Group in London, Southern Sudanese Women Group in London, Sudanese Women’s Group in Brighton and Hove and Sudanese Women’s Voice for Peace in Nairobi. These women’s organisations are involved in many activities such as training on gender issues, conflict resolution and peace building.

[1]  Peace in Sudan: Building a Peaceful and Democratic Sudan: Sudanese Diaspora Perspectives. A Proposal for Constructive Engagement – June 2004 -Dr. A.A. Mohamoud


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