arent shoSchool Students in Egypt are going through the worst educational system ever. A system that entirely depends on memorization than innovation. The more you memorize the higher score you get. As we knew the quality of the output depends primarily on the input. So Imagine a massive number of students with no innovation skills or hands-on is an input to the higher education levels. The results are epic. Egypt is currently ranked at the tail of the countries in terms of education; rank 150 as I remember. The funny part that Egypt is cooperating nowadays with a country ranked 149 to boost its education system.

I was shocked when I found undergraduate students in one of the highest ranked universities in Egypt don’t make research or even have proper hands-on of various industry tools. I didn’t expect to find such disease prevails among professors and through the highest management level too. I didn’t imagine that the KPI of this educational institution is the number of enrolled students not the number of papers published or the innovations produced. So we can now depict the quality of master and Ph.D. students.

Although there are very few exceptions that some students were taught by highly reputed Egyptian professors who earned their degrees from the American and European universities, they struggle to innovate. The educational system cuts their passions leaving them on the ground as fall leaves.

I used to hear that Egypt was one of the finest nations in the world. I saw ads presenting how the Egyptian universities were disqualifying English and Italian medicine students to get enrolled in the Egyptian medical schools. I believe that decline has one justification that I won’t go through but there is a remedy for this status quo which is cultural reform.

Parents should understand the importance of the nonlinear path of education. Parents should encourage their children to have free imagination and develop their own prototypes. Parents should support their children in their decisions and don’t suppress them. The most important that parent should give their children the freedom to try everything to develop their brain muscles while keeping traditions red lines intact. By having such generation, we are going to restore our rank again.

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