“You were put on this earth to achieve your greatest self, to live out your purpose, and to do it courageously”-Steve Maraboli

Often times we are faced with the challenge to prove ourselves, our worth, our abilities, etc. and it is only natural. We are again and again expected to prove that we are great kids to our parents, that we are educated, that we are relationship material, that we are a better fit for a particular role or responsibility, that we are the best candidate for a certain job, etc. Although this is the reality that we all live in, not always are we going to be able to meet the expectations that we ourselves or others have on us. There are and there will be times that we will not be the most well behaved child, the best student or employee, or the perfect partner, and there will also be times when we’ll feel like we are better than others. I have come to realize that I have every reason to work hard and aim to be the best. But while this is true for me, I also have learned that every individual is on this earth for a certain reason/purpose, and this purpose differs from person to person. This being the case, my experiences and what I need to achieve this purpose will be different from yours, mainly because at the end of the day, we each are meant to achieve something that’s unique to each one of us individually. We may be in the same family, same school, job, area, etc., but our destination in life, our ultimate purpose, is definitely different. With that then, I do not have to worry when I find that another person appears to me as far much better than me in a particular aspect, mainly because I believe everyone has areas of strengths and weaknesses, and these differ from person to person, because we each were created for different reasons. Danielle Pierre sums it well in her quote, ‘The need to prove who you are will vanish once you know who you are’.

There are times when others seem smarter than me or faster than me or those that just understand things better than me, or are more likeable, or more sociable than me, it happens. And it does not mean that I am any less than them. And this does not mean that I should not work hard to better myself. In fact, if I believe I have a role to play in this life, then I have every reason to work on being smarter, more knowledgeable, faster, better, etc. However, I do not do so in competition with another person, rather I work hard so that I can be better than I was before. I do not focus on another person and try to compete with them or try to be like them, because I recognize that our life purposes, life paths, challenges, successes, needs, and our personalities are all different. So I cannot expect to perform or act at the same pace, rate or level as my friend, colleague or partner. I can however, perform, work, and do better than I did before.

courtesy of http://hangoutapps.com/gwidgets/wisdom/?m=201304

courtesy of http://hangoutapps.com/gwidgets/wisdom/?m=201304

So if you’ve felt disappointed with yourself for not being like that other person, or for not being better than them, it’s time to stop. My encouragement to you today is, living your life in competition with others is stressful and can be tiring, and worse still, can lead you to somebody else’s goal/dream/purpose instead of accomplishing your own purpose. Therefore, strive each day to seek and understand your life purpose, then work hard to achieve that purpose, as it’s rightfully put in this quote that I love, ‘ I am in competition with no one. I have no desire to play the game of being better than anyone. I am simply trying to be better than the person I was yesterday.’

The question is, what are you doing differently today in order to make your life a little better than it was yesterday? What are you doing to realize your purpose and eventually achieve it?

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