Outside the comfort zone lays success. Many a times we take life for granted. We are used to saying “No”, “I cannot do it”, and “I don’t want to do it”. That is often where we make the mistake of giving up the opportunities that help us grow. You may choose not to, but when you come out of your comfort zone, is that when you make something.
My belief on this statement is one of the reasons, among many, that made me take this fellowship, and on the first day at the host organization I found the connection.

“And this is for you” Kayla showed me the book Strengths Finder 2.0 on the table. Kayla is my colleague and was responsible for my settling in. Though I was in awe of the beautiful Nike Foundation office interior, the moment I glanced the book, the red and white cover tempted me to start reading right away. Anything that has embossed The #1 Wall Street Journal Bestseller on the cover would already be the selling point. But, I had to wait for another month to start the book as I had other three books to finish before it.

Strengths Finder 2.0 Source: CleanApple

Strengths Finder 2.0
Source: CleanApple

Last week, I finally got the chance to dive into it. Only then, I understood why Nike Foundation chose to gift me this among all, because the book has so many practical information for a neo-professional like me.

Tom Rath, the author of Strengths Finder 2.0 mentions, from cradle to cubicle, we have been forcing ourselves to identify our weakness and mend for it rather than build on your strength. Though identifying our strength sounds like eliminating our weakness, it might not always be true.

Last month on Global Leadership Lab, we attended a session on identifying our business chemistry. Similar to it, this book also uses series of questions to identify your strengths. It not only helps you to understand yourself better, but to understand your colleagues, likely areas you could be successful and the areas you need to groom yourself into.

Myriads of books must have been written on “how to….”. Infact, hundreds of people spend all their income to read books on how to be successful or how to be rich. Well, this book does not tell you only what and how, but leads you into action plans that can get you started with improving yourself.

Atlas Corps was my decision to step out of my comfort zone and to find my strengths. This book has helped me identify my strength, and I wish I could implement the learning from this book into my fellowship here and in my life as a whole.

Smooth writing, nineteen pages of exclusive personal reading, and practical action plan makes the book a complete package.

Trust me, I don’t belong to the writer or publisher. But, I would recommend this book to all. If you don’t believe me, ask Smiti and Kate!

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