Many Atlas Corps Fellows and our partners may know little why all class 14 Fellows from South Sudan returned home only in six months. But the answer to this is because the pact Atlas Corps have agreed with the Fellow concerns with regard to what is known as Atlas Corps – Independent Community Project (ICP) to be undertaken in Africa in which the Fellow come up with a draft concept paper on what he thinks feasible to share with people back home for a period necessary to this project.

And thus, I and the likes of other class 14 South Sudanese Fellows, we have returned home with the objective of implementing these Independent Community Projects. Significantly, this blog will highlight what I came to accomplish, conduct this training and later write a summary report on this project on how it has impacted the beneficiaries by the end of third month. However, it’s imperative to have an overview of this Independent Community Project titled;Capacity Building for World Vision Staff focusing primarily on Financial Planning and Management, Assets Misappropriation fraud in Non-governmental Organizations, Grant Writing skills, and successful tips on Fundraising in Western Equatoria State.

OverviewSince 1972, Word Vision South Sudan (WVSS) has been working in the region, in what was Sudan, concentrating its operations in the Southern part of the country, which on July 9th, 2011 became South Sudan.WVSS’s mandate is working towards the empowerment of South Sudanese people (especially the children), to enjoy the benefits of peace including human rights, access to essential services, and sustainable economic development.

WVSS is implementing various projects in South Sudan’s three states of Warrap, Upper Nile and Western Equatoria and it major focuses are: health and nutrition, water, sanitation and hygiene, food security and livelihoods, advocacy, peace building and protection, education for girls, and humanitarian and emergency affairs.

Nonetheless, at the current South Sudan’s crisis, World Vision South Sudan has been involved in delivering humanitarian assistances to the internal displaced adults and children in the state of Upper Nile and some part of Warrap State where there is massive destructions of properties and livelihood as a result of the ongoing fighting between the warring parties in this conflict. Therefore, this humanitarian agency (WVSS) is playing a vital role in rebuilding the lives of many disadvantages communities in South Sudan’s Upper Nile State.

This initiative, Capacity Building for World Vision Staff on financial planning and management, Assets Misappropriation fraud in Non-governmental Organizations, Grants Writing skills, and successful tips on Fundraising in Western Equatoria State, will strengthen their financial skills and prepare them to be more effective in achieving their positive impacts in the region with regards to their commitments in delivering services to the communities of Western Equatoria States on behalf of World Vision.

The Justification that necessitated this capacity building was for those 22 months I have worked for WVSS as the Regional Grants Accountant in Yambio, Western Equatoria State office. I have learned that many staff members lack basic knowledge and skills in managing finances of the projects we were running and implementing as with regards to how they accounted for the organization’s resources that were under their responsibilities to enabled them carry out various project’s activities.

Hence, I see there is need to develop this project to give them training on the importance of how to plan and manage finances when implementing their activities. Understand how to shun fraud. The training would also teach them how to source the funds from donors through effective grant writing skills, in addition to teaching them how to maximize successful ways to raise funds for their future project(s)

It’s this lack of necessary financial skills with regard to personal integrities leads to poor performances in implementing projects’ activities. Lack of efficient accountabilities and self proven – competencies by individuals entrusted to manage resources have prompted me to organize this training to help them acquire skills to become competent and reenergize their commitments to deliver services without doubts as these are the pre-requisites of effective Financial Management.

And finally the overall goal the long-term goal of this project is to strengthen skills and knowledge of staff at the World Vision Western Equatorial Zonal office so that they can be equipped with the knowledge and skills needed in financial management. And this training will definitely take effect in the coming weeks of August or early September paving the ways for successfully executing this project within its time-frame.

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